Committee Chairs

Display #
Name Position Phone Suburb State Country
Frank Walker Programs 543-870-0638 Monticello IN
Spencer Bower Community Service 765-538-2777 Monticello IN
David Kelly Legislative - Asst. Chair 574-583-7497 Monticello IN
JoAnn Piatt Legislative - Chair Monticello IN
Sandra Taylor Membership 574-583-5871 Monticello IN
Karen Ward Member Concerns and Service 574-583-3017 Monticello IN
Jennie Peters Necrology 574-583-8454 Monticello IN
David Brechbiel Webmaster 800-998-3070 Monticello IN

Other Committees

The nominating committee and the resolutions, constitution, and by-laws are chaired by the Executive Board.

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